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2016-2017 Church/Charge Conference and Annual Forms

2016 Annual Report Form Checklist – print and use this checklist as a record of forms completed.

To download forms, click the name of the form. If you are having trouble opening the forms,
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Note: Forms 1 and 2c require Microsoft Excel 2003 or later. Forms 4, 9, 10 and 20 require MS Word.

Due Two (2) Weeks Prior to Church/Charge Conference (Mail to District Office) *

1. 2017 Pastor's Compensation Worksheet (requires Microsoft Excel 2003 or later) #
       1a. Clergy Housing Exclusion Resolution (if applicable) #
       1b. Accountable Reimbursement Plan Resolutionsample (if applicable)
              NOTE: Click here for information related to compensation worksheet and resolutions above.
2. Local Church Lay Leadership:
      2a. Nominations & Leadership Development Report (using your church’s format)
      2b. Trustee Election Ballot Template (for use at Charge Conference)
      2c. Local Church - UNYAC Leadership Interface (requires Microsoft Excel 2003 or later) #
3. Report of the Pastor 
4a. Volunteers in Mission and Outreach Report (requires MS Word 2003 or later) #
4b. Safe Sanctuaries Compliance Form (requires MS Word 2003 or later) #
5. 2015 Local Church Audit

As Applicable:
  6. Lay Servant Annual Report
  7a. Parsonage Committee Report (for each parsonage, even if rented/leased)
  7b. Parsonage Inspection Form
  8. Recommendation of Candidate for Licensed/Ordained Ministry 
  9. Bequest Resolution - sample (requires MS Word 2003 or later) #

Due Two Weeks Following Church/Charge Conference (Mail to District Office) *

10. Church/Charge Conference Minutes (with attachments- requires MS Word 2003 or later) #
11. Church/Charge Conference Sign-In Sheet

Due by Nov. 1, 2016 (Complete online, save, print and mail a signed copy to District Office) *

12. Pastor’s Appointment Advisory Form (requires Pastor login)
13. S/PPRC Appointment Advisory Form (requires Church login)
14. Pastor – S/PPRC Covenant Form (requires Church login)

Due by Dec. 1, 2016 (Do not mail printed copy – just update or complete and save online) *

15. Church Profile (requires Church login)
16. Pastor’s Profile (requires Pastor login)

Due by Feb. 15, 2017 (Mail completed copy of each to District Office) *

17. Report of the Trustees
18. Report of the Finance Committee #
            2016 Year End Financial Report (your format
            2017 Church Budget (your format)
19. 2016 Statistical Report (complete online at http://ezra.gcfa.org) **

Due by March 15, 2017 (Mail completed copy of each to District Office) *

20. Local Church Annual Financial Audit
            Local Church Audit Guide


  # Form may be filled out before printing.

  * For questions related to forms at uny.umconline.org, please contact your district office.

** If you experience difficulty signing into Ezra for the statistical report, please contact your
    district office.


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